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Song of Summer: Ken Russell’s BBCTV documentary, with Max Adrian (Delius), Maureen Pryor (Jelka Delius), Christopher Gable (Fenby) and David Collings (Grainger)  [The commercial release has a revised opening, without the Laurel and Hardy sequence]   Rec.: b/c Sept. 1968  
DVD: BFI BFIVD518; in ‘Ken Russell at the BBC’ [3]; in Ken Russell Collection vol.1 BFIB1244 [3]    
Int.: YouTube (with the original opening)    
In a Summer Garden: 15’ private amateur film of Grez, showing the house (exterior only) and garden   Rec.: c. 1980
Int.: YouTube    
see Paa Vidderne [RTIII/I]    
Song of Farewell: Yorkshire TV documentary, directed and produced by Nick Gray, in which Eric Fenby returns to Grez and talks about his time with Delius   Rec.: b/c Aug. 1982
Int.: YouTube    
From the High Solitudes (Bakom synger fjellene): film biography of Delius, written by Andrew J Boyle and Svein Baeren, and directed by Svein Baeren. NRK Broadcasting Corporation.   Rec.: 1983
Introducing Delius: A Portrait of Frederick Delius 1862-1934. A film by Derek Bailey. A Landseer Production for the Delius Trust. 1993   Rec.: 1993
DVD: (as Discovering Delius) DVD1009DC; (with A Village Romeo and Juliet) in Decca/Universal 074177-9    
Int.: YouTube (as Discovering Delius)    
A Village Romeo and Juliet: a film by Petr Weigl (with Argo/Decca recording as soundtrack – see above)    
Delius: Composer, Lover, Enigma: a film by John Bridcut for BBC4.   Rec.: 2012

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