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The Delius Prize - Previous Winners

The locations, adjudicators and winners of The Delius Prize have been as follows:

Year Location Adjudicator First Prize / Second Prize
2004 RAM David Lloyd-Jones David Worswick and Neil Georgeson
2005 RAM Lionel Friend Cappa Quartet / Shula Olivera (runner-up)
2006 RAM Sir Charles Mackerras Liv-Marie Fletcher and Timothy End / Edgar Bailey and Timothy End
2007 RAM Piers Lane Jessica Hayes and Christopher White / (no Second Prize awarded)
2008 RAM Bo Holten Rita Mascagna and Michele Gamba / Mihai Cocea and Florian Mitrea
2009 BC Julian Lloyd Webber Rebecca Omordia / Anna Ovsyanikova
2010 BC Paul Spicer Claire Lees / Philip Handy
2011 BC Mark Stone Dominika Fehér / Natalie Hyde
2012 Chetham's School, Manchester Lionel Friend Jon Stainsby and Se Ho Lee*
2013 BC Stephen Threlfall Amy Littlewood and Hetti Price*
2014     No prize held
2015 RAM Jeremy Dibble Thomas Ang / Amy Goodwin and Daniel Espie
2106 RAM Bo Holten Joseph Havlat / Euterpe Quartet
2017 RAM Stephen Barlow James Heron and Thomas Ang / Courtenay Cleary and Thomas Ang
2018 RAM David Hill Ye Jin Choi and Kevin Suherman / Hannah Curtis and Gus Tredwell

RAM = Royal Academy of Music, London
BC = Birmingham Conservatoire
* = no second prize awarded


  1. A runner-up was identified in 2005 but a Second Prize was first awarded in 2006
  2. The finalists at the RAM to 2008 were judged as duos; at the BC they were judged as soloists
  3. The members of the Cappa Quartet (winners in 2005) were Anthony Sabberton and Giovanni Guzzo (violins), Adam Newman (viola) and Brian O'Kane ('cello)
  4. The members of the Euterpe Quartet (runners up in 2016) were Sally and Sasha Gorski (violins), Kim Becker (viola) and Olivia da Costa (cello).
Photo - Amy Littlewood and Stephen Threlfall

Stephen Threlfall, adjudicator, with Amy Littlewood, First Prize winner in the 2013 Competition

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