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The Delius Society is a flourishing organisation whose aim is to bring together those interested in Frederick Delius and his music. Whilst the membership list includes leading Delius scholars and performers, the majority of members are not professional or even practising musicians and they join purely because of their curiosity in, or love for, the […]

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The Delius Prize

The Delius Prize

The Delius Prize was inaugurated with the purpose of introducing young musicians to the music of Delius. It was felt that the challenge of a prize competition held at a music academy would provide an encouragement to investigate this repertoire[...]


The Delius Society Journal

The Delius Society Journal is widely regarded as one of the most authoritative of its kind. It is published twice a year, in April and October, runs to some 120 pages and contains a mixture of scholarly and more general articles on Delius's life and work. It is received by libraries and musical institutions throughout the world.

The Delius Society Newletter

Like the Journal, the much briefer Newsletter is published twice a year, but in January and July, and typically contains:

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  • Notes from the Chairman and Treasurer/Membership Secretary
  • Occasional items of special interest