The Delius Society has announced the launch of ClubDelius; a FREE membership scheme aimed at those under 30, with the purpose of introducing younger listeners to the music of composer, Frederick Delius. The scheme, also provides access to a number of benefits including free gifts and special offers.

Joining ClubDelius is a great way for youngsters to develop their understanding and appreciation of Delius’s music, his colourful life and those of his contemporaries.

Conductor and Delius Society President, Sir Mark Elder, said: “I am very happy that the Delius Society is launching ClubDelius. Delius’ music ideally needs both time and opportunity before it can find its way into our hearts! But it is so romantic and poetic in ways that few other British composers are.”

ClubDelius membership benefits

Incorporating the new scheme under its umbrella membership, ClubDelius will play an important role in the provision of information, education and interactive communications with younger members, encouraging participation at no financial cost and with all the standard benefits of membership including Journals and Newsletters – containing specially commissioned features, concert listings, reviews of books and recordings – special offers, a comprehensive website, an online presence on social media, and access to live and recorded events.

Reaching out to educational establishments

A marketing campaign has been devised to reach out to potential new members and teachers and includes an eye-catching digital poster to raise awareness of the scheme. The Delius Society plans to work with a number of educational organisations in order to broaden the scope of the project and it is the intention that a young ambassador or influencer can also be recruited to reach out to fellow peers. Finally, a range of branded promotional items, including insulated bottles and propelling pencils with the eye-catching ClubDelius logo, are available free on joining.

Exciting future plans to include City of Culture

Future plans for the scheme include collaborative events at music Colleges, to include a dedicated Delius Workshop or Masterclass hosted by an internationally renowned performer. In Bradford, the city of Delius’s birth, and now UK City of Culture in 2025, a number of ClubDelius initiatives are being discussed.

Commitment to younger listeners and performers

Celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2022, The Delius Society has been a committed advocate in support of younger listeners and performers. One of the group’s most successful enterprises being The Delius Prize, which invites music students to present a 20-minute programme of music by Delius and his contemporaries.

How to join ClubDelius (FREE membership for those under 30 years of age)

For teachers and educationalists, request promotional material: