Journals 2020-present

DSJ 169 - Spring 2021

Editor: Katharine Richman

Birds of a feather; CW Orr’s A Cotswold Hill Tune; Alden Brooks Part 3; A real devil for work – on the second premiere of Delius’s first string quartet; My dear Zarathustra; Prominent Deliuses; Crooning for Delius; a new Grainger/Leopold Brigg Fair; Obituary of Roy Fredericks.

DSJ 168 - Autumn 2020

Editor: Katharine Richman

Jelka Delius – the painter; Frank Bridge’s Summer; Margot la Rouge; Alden Brooks Part 2; Six piano pieces; William Stott’s Le Passeur; Percy Grainger Museum in Melbourne; The Peace of the Loing; Obituary of Robert Hebble.

DSJ167 - Spring 2020

Editor: Katharine Richman

Margot La Rouge – a reappraisal; Conducting Margot La Rouge; E J Moeran’s Nocturne (dedicated to Delius); Alden Brooks; Delius Manuscripts rediscovered; Edouard Schilsky – the rising genius; The origin of the Appalachia theme; Obituaries of Don Gillespie and Desmond Scott.