Secretary’s Notes

In its early years, the Society issued two publications with overlapping functions: the Secretary’s Notes and the Newsletter. On stapled foolscap sheets, both informed members of forthcoming meetings and concerts and reported on past events. From 1964 to 1966, the Newsletters were sent out on a fairly regular schedule and the Secretary’s notes were sent out occasionally to cover forthcoming events and other Society matters. From January 1967, the Editor of the Newsletter, John White, focused the Newsletter on ‘musical and aesthetic items’ with the Secretary’s Notes focusing on other aspects. The years 1967 to 1971 saw regular notes from the secretary Estelle Palmley until illness first slowed down her productivity and then caused her to resign in July 1972. In the next four years there were sporadic Secretary’s notes from Malcolm Walker and John White. These ceased entirely in 1976 when the Newsletter, now renamed the Delius Society Journal was well-established as a quarterly publication.

Secretary’s Notes appeared as follows:

Hon. Secretary: Estelle Palmley
1964: May, August, October.
1965: May, October.
1966: October.
1967: No. 1 January, No. 2 February, No. 3 May, No. 4 July,  No. 5 October, No. 6 December.
1968: No. 7 March, No. 8 August, No. 9 September, No. 10 November.
1969: No. 11 January, No. 12 March, No. 13 April, No. 14 May,
         No. 15 July, No. 16 August, No. 17 December.
1970: No. 18 August, No. 19 October, No. 20 December.
1971: No. 21 March, No. 22 June, No. 23 September, No. 24 December.
1972: January [Programme and other notes], No. 25 March No. 26 April.

Hon. Secretary: post vacant
1972: September.
1973: March 1973 [Newsletter and Notes].

Hon. Secretary: Malcolm Walker
1973: May [Notes], June, August-September.
1974: January, May, No. 1 July,
1975: No. 2 January, No. 2 [sic] April.

Hon. Secretary: John White
1975: No. 4 October, No. 1 March.
1976: No. 2 May, No. 4 August (signed & dated September).