Choir of the Earth present an opportunity to sing ‘A Mass of Life’

A Mass of Life
by Frederick Delius

We are partnering with the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra and conductor Sir Mark Elder for this project. This is the first of we hope several partnerships between us – the ideal marriage of analogue and digital music making.

The Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra are giving this work its Norwegian Premiere on 22|23 September 2022 conducted by Sir Mark Elder. Our “recording track” for the project will be Sir Mark Elder’s LIVE conducting of the Bergen concert. We shall then combine the Choir of the Earth version with the BPO version to create a unique performance in November 2022 of both choirs singing the whole work together.

Both choirs will use the same score and the partnership will be complete with both choirs sharing best practice together.

Learn Part One from 18th July to 5th August 2022 and Part Two from 22nd August to 16th September 2022. We shall broadcast an online version of the Bergen/Choir of the Earth combined version in November 2022.