English Music Festival (28-31 May)

Peter Warlock: A Lake and a Fairy Boat; Wind from the West
Frederick Delius: Five Songs from the Norwegian
Peter Warlock: Take O Take those lips away; The Cloths of Heaven
Arnold Bax: To Eire; The White Peace
Shieling Song; A Milking Sian
Peter Warlock: When as the Rye; Mourne no more
Warlock: There is a Lady; Sweet Content
E. J. Moeran: Seven Poems by James Joyce
Peter Warlock: The Bachelor; Rest Sweet Nymphs
Hey Trolly Lolly; Ha’nacker Mill
The Night; My own Country
Belloc’s Fancy; Maltworms
Captain Stratton’s Fancy; The Fox; Sleep

Gareth Brynmor John, baritone
Christopher Glynn, piano