Sunday 24 May 2020 at 10.45am – cancelled due to Coronavirus

English Music Festival
Warlock: A Lake and a Fairy Boat
Delius: Five Songs from the Norwegian
Warlock: Take, O take those lips away
Warlock: The Cloths of Heaven
Bax: To Eire, The White Peace, Shieling Song, A Milking Sian
Warlock: When as the rye, Mourne no more, There is a Lady, Sweet Content
Moeran: Seven Poems by James Joyce
Warlock: The Bachelor, Rest, sweet nymphs, Hey Trolly Lolly, Ha’nacker Mill, The Night, My own Country, Belloc’s Fancy, Maltworms, Captain Stratton’s Fancy, The Fox, Sleep
Gareth Brynmor John, baritone
Christopher Glynn, piano