‘Delius as I knew him’ by Eric Fenby – Japanese translation by Midori Komachi

Eric Fenby’s ‘Delius as I Knew Him’ has been translated into Japanese by Midori Komachi.

In collaboration with Artes Publishing Japan, this is part of an initiative involving publication, concert and recordings to disseminate the works of the English composer Frederick Delius in Japan. Further information can be found on the Japanese website: https://motion-gallery.net/projects/delius

A launch recital given by Midori Komachi took place on 1st November 2017 at the prestigious Ginza Oji Hall in Tokyo, where she performed all four Violin Sonatas by Delius.

The publication was supported by the Delius Trust and funds raised from a crowdfunding campaign organised by Midori Komachi, Artes Publishing and journalist, Naoki Hayashida. The project was also supported by Warner Music Japan and Naxos Japan, with two Delius recordings being released in association with the publication.

In the UK, Midori Komachi will be giving a talk detailing the success of her activities to Society members and VIP guests in February 2018, see the Forthcoming Society Events page.

Midori Komachi
Midori Komachi being interviewed for Japanese radio (Photo courtesy of Music Book Cafe)
Midori Komachi
Midori Komachi – Launch at Ginza Yamano Music, with a permanent Delius corner set up in-store (Photo courtesy of Ginza Yamano Music)