FENBY – The 1984 Radio Programme Re-mastered CD now available to Members

The CD version of this splendid recording is now available exclusively to members. New members will receive a complementary copy of the CD as part of their ‘joining pack’. A limited number of CDs are also available to existing members in return for a modest donation.

Lyndon Jenkins provided a background to the recording (previously known as ‘That Boy’s No Good’) in the Society’s Spring Journal and this 50 minute CD, with re-mastered musical extracts, and very well presented, will give enormous pleasure – especially to those members for whom it is a new experience. The four tracks have the following titles:

  1. How the great adventure began
  2. Early days with Delius, and a setback
  3. A working arrangement is reached
  4. Reflections on the experience 50 years later

The interview finds Fenby on top form as he describes those extraordinary years spent in the Delius household and the achievements gained through his hard earned relationship with the composer which have provided us with the miracle of those wonderful late works, otherwise never to have been born.

The Society has a limited stock of this item at a specially reduced price. To obtain your copy please download an application form – Word – PDF