Sir Charles Groves – British Music

Sir. Charles Groves

Delius is well-represented in this box set of 24 CD’s,0825646147243/sir-charles-groves-sir-charles-groves-british-music

The eminent English conductor Sir Charles Groves is today remembered not so much for his breadth of repertoire as for his immense contribution to British music, which he continuously promoted, performed and recorded throughout his professional career. Featuring a wide variety of genres – from symphonies and operas to popular marches and film music excerpts – this special 24-CD compilation pays tribute to Groves’s remarkable achievement, bringing together works by many of the composers who were at the heart of the conductor’s commitment in a selection of authoritative recordings that survey over 100 years of glorious British composition.

A Mass of Life
A Song of Summer
An Arabesque
Dance Rhapsody No. 1
Eventyr (once upon a time)
North Country Sketches
Paris – Song of a Great City
Sea Drift
Songs of Sunset
A Song of the High Hills

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