Principal books on Delius

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A Delius Companion ed. Christopher Redwood, John Calder 1976 [also in paperback]:

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      ‘Frederick Delius’ (Letter, Yorkshire Post, 1929)

      ‘Delius’s Last Years’ (The Musical Times, 1934)

      ‘The Young Delius’ (The Daily Telegraph, 1935)

      ‘Delius’ (BBC Radio script, 1946)

      ‘Delius as I knew him’ (BBC Radio script, 1947)

      ‘As knew him – Delius’ (BBC Radio script, 1951)

      ‘Delius after Twenty Years’ (Music and Musicians, 1954)

      ‘Beecham crowns his service to Delius’ (Music and Musicians, 1959)

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      ‘Some changes of mind’ (Delius Society talk, 1981)

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      Danièle Pistone, ‘Préface’

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