A Delius Discography

This discography includes all the known recordings of the works of Frederick Delius. The inclusion of any CD does not, of course, indicate its current availability. This can be ascertained either by contacting a local dealer or by visiting the website of an on-line dealer.

The order of works follows the classification in Robert Threlfall’s A Catalogue of the Compositions of Frederick Delius – Sources and References (Delius Trust 1977) and Frederick Delius: A Supplementary Catalogue (Delius Trust 1986), e.g. [RT 1/2]. The recordings of any given work are listed in chronological order.

Sir Thomas Beecham’s commercial recordings of the works of Delius are given a session number corresponding to Michael Gray’s Beecham: A Centenary Discography (Duckworth 1979), e.g. [G80]

With recordings that have been issued in the UK, corresponding releases in America and other countries have generally not been included. Samplers with extracts from works have also not been included.

Different formats are abbreviated as follows:

78 – 78 r.p.m. recordLP – Long-playing recordEP – Extended play record
SP – Short play recordCass – Cassette recordingCD – Compact disc
DVD – Digital video disc  

The number of discs in multiples sets is given in square brackets, e.g. [4]
ac. = acoustic recording
For the purpose of this discography, LP includes 10″ medium-play records.

Live denotes either a broadcast performance or a recording of a concert performance as opposed to a commercial studio recording.

Download indicates recordings that can be downloaded from a website on the Internet. However, it has not been the general practice to include downloads in this discography.

Int. denotes works that can be heard via the Internet, though not necessarily downloaded. 

This discography also includes recordings that have never been issued or are only accessible in certain archives, the principal ones being the National Sound Archive (NSA) in the British Library (where the recordings can be heard by appointment) and YouTube (on-line). However, apart from some items of special interest it has not been been practicable to include all Delius performances on YouTube for which a separate search is recommended. Sound-only entries on YouTube taken from commercial recordings have not been included unless the recordings are of some rarity value.

Unfortunately there is no ready means of accessing the BBC Archives to investigate the Delius recordings that are held there.

With large choral works and operas that are sometimes sung in a language other than English, the language used for the individual recording is stated.

To SEARCH for titles of works or performers use the F3 tab.

The compiler of this discography would particularly like to acknowledge the assistance of Malcolm Walker, and would be pleased to be informed of any errors or omissions so that this list can be kept as accurate and as full as possible.

Stephen Lloyd
January 2013                                                                                                                                                            
Last updated : 22 February 2024