Talks, Documentaries, etc.

Promotional presentation by Sir Thomas Beecham on A Village Romeo and Juliet Rec.: Oct. 1948
CD: in 0841752 [18] (also in Delius: Apostle of Nature. EMI/Delius Society website – see below)  
Sir Thomas Beecham’s radio talk about A Mass of Life, playing an extract on the piano Rec.: BBC June 1951
LP: in World Records SHB32 [5]  
Introductory talk by Beecham on A Mass of Life Rec.: 1953?
CD: in Sony SM2K89432, in SX5K87342 [5]  
Sir Thomas Beecham talking on Delius and his operas, prior to the broadcast of Irmelin Rec.: b/c Nov. 1953
Cass: BBC ZCF350  
Archive: NSA 1LP0058895  
Sir Thomas Beecham introducing televised extracts from Irmelin Rec.: TV Dec. 1954
LP: Beecham Society (US) in WSA521-2 [2]  
Sir Thomas Beecham interviewed by Edmund Tracey in BBCTV’s Monitor programme, with reference to his biography of Delius Rec.: Nov. 1959 [G471]
LP: in World Records SHB32 [5]  
Eric Fenby: an introductory talk to his recording of the Violin Sonatas Rec.: 1972
LP: Unicorn-Kanchana RHS310  
Eric Fenby talking about Delius with musical examples Rec.: Oct. 1972
LP: SLS966  
CD: in 575785-2, 0841752 [18]  
Eric Fenby introduces and conducts the BBC Concert Orchestra with Julian Lloyd Webber in a programme of works he took down from Delius by dictation Rec.: Oct. 1978 (b/c Nov. 1978)
Archive: NSA T2581W, BBC Sound Archives T38611  
Eric Fenby reading an extract from Delius as I knew him Rec.: 1982
LP: Unicorn Kanchana DKP9021  
Eric Fenby: interviewed in 1984 Independent Radio programme That Boy’s No Good Rec.: 1984
CD: Delius Society  
The real Delius: Julian Lloyd Webber and Paul Guinery discuss the great English outsider Rec.: 2007
CD: Gramophone Collectors’ Edition CD No 16  
David Hill introduces A Mass of Life before Bach Choir performance in 2009 Rec.: 2009
Int.: YouTube  
Sir Thomas Beecham: the great communicator – a documentary by Jon Tolansky including contributions from others with extracts from In a Summer Garden, Sea Drift and A Village Romeo and Juliet Rec.: 2011
CD: EMI 909964-2 [4]  
Delius: Apostle of Nature. EMI/Delius Society website including a Delius time-line and commentaries on his life and music, together with sound only features on Grez-sur-Loing, Beecham and Delius, Eric Fenby, an overview of Delius’s music, and Beecham’s talk on A Village Romeo and Juliet.