List of Works

Frederick DELIUS: 29 January 1862-10 June 1934

Collected Works

An ALPHABETICAL list of COMPOSITIONS showing PRESENT PUBLISHERS; prepared for the quick reference of performers, conductors, orchestras, students, copyright authorities, etc.

Subsidiary list – A separate list of SONG TITLES in ALPHABETICAL order

Main list

PublisherCollected edition volume
Air and Dance, for strings
(also arr. Fenby for flute & strings)
B & H27b
American Rhapsody, for orchestraB & H22
Appalachia, for chorus and orchestraB & H9a
Aquarelles, Two, for stringsB & H27b
Arabesque, An, for baritone, solo, chorus and orchestraB & H12a
At Night (= Florida Suite, 4)
Autumn (= North Country Sketches,1)
Avant que tu ne t’en ailles, songB & H18b
Brigg Fair, for orchestraUE24b
By the River (= Florida Suite, 2)
Calinda, La, (from Koanga) for orchestra
(also arr. Fenby for flute & strings)
B & H
Caprice and Elegy, for cello and orchestraB & H29b
Concerto for cello and orchestraB & H29b
Concerto, Double, for violin, cello and orchestraS & B30
Concerto for piano and orchestraB & H29a
Concerto for violin and orchestraS & B30
Cynara, for baritone and orchestraB & H15b
Dance (= North Country Sketches,3)
Dance for Harpsichord
(also arr. Fenby for flute & strings)
B & H33
Dance Rhapsody no. 1, A, for orchestraUE25b
Dance Rhapsody no. 2, A, for orchestraS & B26
Daybreak (= Florida Suite, 1)
Eventyr, for orchestraS & B26
Everglades, The, for orchestra and small female chorus (arr. C. Palmer)B & H
Fantastic Dance, for orchestraB & H27b
Fennimore and Gerda, operaB & H6
Five Piano Pieces
(Mazurka and Waltz for a little girl; Waltz;
Lullaby for a modern Baby; Toccata)
(also arr. Fenby for orchestra)
B & H33
Florida, Suite for orchestra
(Daybreak; By the River; Sunset; At Night)
B & H20
Folkeraadet, incidental music for orchestraB & H7
Four Old English Lyrics
(It was a Lover and his Lass; So sweet is she;
Spring, the sweet Spring; To Daffodils)
B & H18b
Four Posthumous Songs
(Softly the Forest; I once had a newly-cut willow pipe;
In bliss we walked with laughter; I hear in the night)
UE19 Supplement
Hassan, incidental music for voices and orchestraB & H8
Idyll, for soprano, baritone and orchestraB & H13b
Idylle de Printemps, for orchestraB & H21a
In a Summer Garden, for orchestraUE25a
Irmelin, opera in 3 acts
(also Concert Suite for orchestra, arr. Beecham)
B & H1
Irmelin, prelude for orchestraB & H27b
Intermezzo from Fennimore and Gerda,
for orchestra, arr. Fenby
B & H
Intermezzo and Serenade from Hassan,
for orchestra, arr. Beecham
B & H
Koanga, opera in 3 actsB & H3
Late Lark, A, for tenor and orchestraB & H15b
Late Swallows, from string quartet
(arr. Fenby for string orchestra)
S & B
Légende, for violin and orchestra
ditto, for violin and piano
B & H
31a (B&H)
Life’s Dance, for orchestraOUP24a (S&B)
Lullaby for a modern baby, for violin and pianoB & H33
Magic Fountain, The, opera in 3 ActsB & H2
March of Spring, The, 
(= North Country Sketches, 4)
Marche Caprice, for orchestraS & B21a
Margot la Rouge, opera in 1 actB & H5
Mass of Life, A, for soloists, double
chorus and orchestra
B & H10
Maud, 5 songs for tenor and orchestraB & H16
Mazurka and Waltz for a little
girl (= Five Piano Pieces, 1,2)
Midsummer Song, unacc. chorusB & H17
NietzscheliederB & H18b
North Country Sketches, for orchestra
(Autumn; Winter Landscape; Dance; 
The March of Spring)
S & B26
Norwegian Suite, for orchestra
(see Folkeraadet)
B & H7
On Craig Ddu, unacc. chorusB & H17
On hearing the first Cuckoo in Spring
(= Two pieces for small orchestra, 1)
On the Mountains, for orchestraB & H22
Over the hills and far away, for orchestraSchirmer23a
Paa Vidderne, melodramaB & H14
Paris, for orchestraUE23b
Part Songs, Six Early
(Durch den Wald; An den Sonnenschein; Ave Maria; 
Sonnenscheinlied; Frühlingsanbruch; 
Her ute skal gildet staa)
Thames17 Supplement
Poem of Life and LoveB & HSuppl. Vol. 1
Prelude & Idyll (see Idyll)
Quadroone, La, for orchestraB & H21c
Requiem, for soprano, baritone, double chorus and orchestraB & H12b
Romance, for cello and pianoB & H31c
Romance, for violin and pianoB & H31a
Sakuntala, for tenor and orchestraB & H15b
Scherzo, for orchestraB & H21c
Sea Drift, for baritone, chorus and orchestraB & H9b
Serenade from Hassan (Various arrangements)B & H
Sleigh Ride, for orchestraB & H21b
Sonata for cello and pianoB & H31c
Sonata for strings
(arr. by Fenby from String Quartet)
S & B
Sonata in B, for violin and pianoB & H31a
Sonata no. 1, for violin and pianoForsyth31b
Sonata no. 2, for violin and pianoB & H31b
Sonata no. 3, for violin and pianoB & H31b
Song before Sunrise, A, for orchestraS & B27a
Song of Summer, A, for orchestraB & H27b
Song of the High Hills, The, for chorus and orchestraUE11b
Songs for children, Two
(Little Birdie; The Streamlet’s slumber song)
Songs from the Danish (Five)
(The Violet; The Seraglio Garden; Silken Shoes; Autumn; Irmelin)
B & H18b
Songs from the Danish (Five)
(The Page sat in the lofty Tower; Dreamy Nights; On the Sea Shore; Through long, long years; Wine Roses)
S & B18a
Songs from the Norwegian (Five)
(Slumber Song; The Nightingale; Summer Eve; Longing; Sunset)
S & B18a
Songs from the Norwegian (Seven)
(Twilight Fancies; Young Venevil; Hidden Love; The Minstrel; The Bird’s Story; Cradle Song; The Homeward Way)
Songs of Farewell, for chorus and orchestraB & H13a
Songs of Sunset, for soprano, baritone, chorus and orchestraUE11a
Songs (Shelley) (Three)
(Indian Love Song; Love’s Philosophy; To the Queen of my Heart;)
Songs (Verlaine) (Three)
(Il pleure dans mon coeur; Le ciel est, par-dessus le toit; La Lune blanche)
Songs (various) (Five)
(Let Springtime come; The Nightingale; I-Brasil; Black Roses; Chanson d’Automme)
Songs with Orchestra, I
(Twilight Fancies; The Bird’s Story; On the Sea Shore; Wine Roses; Through long, long years; Let Springtime come; Summer Landscape)
S & B15a
Songs with Orchestra, II
(Silken Shoes; Irmelin; The Seraglio Gardens; The Violet; Cynara; A Late Lark; Sakuntala)
B & H15b
Spring Morning, for orchestraB & H21b
String QuartetS & B32
Suite for violin and orchestraB & H28
Summer Evening, for orchestraS & B21a
Summer Landscape, songOUP19
Summer Night on the River (= Two pieces for small 
orchestra, 2)
Sunset (= Florida Suite, 4)
The Splendour falls, unacc. chorusOUP17(B&H)
Three Preludes for pianoOUP33(B&H)
Toccata (= Five Piano Pieces, 5)
Twelve early songs
(Over the Mountains high; Zwei braune Augen; Der Fichtenbaum; Hochgebirgsleben; O schneller mein Ross; Chanson de Fortunio; Mit deinen blauen Augen; Ein schöner Stern; Hör ich das Liedchen klingen; Aus deinen Augen fliessen meine Lieder; Nuages; Traum Rosen)
S & B18a
Two pieces for small orchestra
(On hearing the first Cuckoo in Spring;
Summer Night on the River)
OUP27a (S & B)
Two Songs to be sung of a summer night on the water, unacc. chorus (wordless)B & H17
Village Romeo and Juliet, A, opera in six scenesB & H4
Walk to the Paradise Garden, The, for orchestra arr. BeechamB & H
Waltz from A Village Romeo and Juliet, arr. DouglasB & H
Waltz (= Five Piano Pieces, 3)
Wanderer’s Song, men’s voicesB & H17
Winter Landscape 
(= North Country Sketches, 2)

Zum Carnival, polka for piano
B & H33

B & H = Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers Limited
S & B = Stainer & Bell Ltd
OUP = Oxford University Press
UE = Universal Edition
Forsyth = Forsyth Brothers Limited, Manchester
Schirmer = G Schirmer Inc. (Music Sales)
Thames = Thames Publishing (distr. Wm. Elkin)

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