List of Works

Frederick DELIUS: 29 January 1862-10 June 1934

Collected Works

An ALPHABETICAL list of COMPOSITIONS showing PRESENT PUBLISHERS; prepared for the quick reference of performers, conductors, orchestras, students, copyright authorities, etc.

Subsidiary list – A separate list of SONG TITLES in ALPHABETICAL order

Oxford University Catalogue of the Works of Delius

Main list

PublisherCollected edition volume
Air and Dance, for strings
(also arr. Fenby for flute & strings)
B & H27b
American Rhapsody, for orchestraB & H22
Appalachia, for chorus and orchestraB & H9a
Aquarelles, Two, for stringsB & H27b
Arabesque, An, for baritone, solo, chorus and orchestraB & H12a
At Night (= Florida Suite, 4)
Autumn (= North Country Sketches,1)
Avant que tu ne t’en ailles, songB & H18b
Brigg Fair, for orchestraUE24b
By the River (= Florida Suite, 2)
Calinda, La, (from Koanga) for orchestra
(also arr. Fenby for flute & strings)
B & H
Caprice and Elegy, for cello and orchestraB & H29b
Concerto for cello and orchestraB & H29b
Concerto, Double, for violin, cello and orchestraS & B30
Concerto for piano and orchestraB & H29a
Concerto for violin and orchestraS & B30
Cynara, for baritone and orchestraB & H15b
Dance (= North Country Sketches,3)
Dance for Harpsichord
(also arr. Fenby for flute & strings)
B & H33
Dance Rhapsody no. 1, A, for orchestraUE25b
Dance Rhapsody no. 2, A, for orchestraS & B26
Daybreak (= Florida Suite, 1)
Eventyr, for orchestraS & B26
Everglades, The, for orchestra and small female chorus (arr. C. Palmer)B & H
Fantastic Dance, for orchestraB & H27b
Fennimore and Gerda, operaB & H6
Five Piano Pieces
(Mazurka and Waltz for a little girl; Waltz;
Lullaby for a modern Baby; Toccata)
(also arr. Fenby for orchestra)
B & H33
Florida, Suite for orchestra
(Daybreak; By the River; Sunset; At Night)
B & H20
Folkeraadet, incidental music for orchestraB & H7
Four Old English Lyrics
(It was a Lover and his Lass; So sweet is she;
Spring, the sweet Spring; To Daffodils)
B & H18b
Four Posthumous Songs
(Softly the Forest; I once had a newly-cut willow pipe;
In bliss we walked with laughter; I hear in the night)
UE19 Supplement
Hassan, incidental music for voices and orchestraB & H8
Idyll, for soprano, baritone and orchestraB & H13b
Idylle de Printemps, for orchestraB & H21a
In a Summer Garden, for orchestraUE25a
Irmelin, opera in 3 acts
(also Concert Suite for orchestra, arr. Beecham)
B & H1
Irmelin, prelude for orchestraB & H27b
Intermezzo from Fennimore and Gerda,
for orchestra, arr. Fenby
B & H
Intermezzo and Serenade from Hassan,
for orchestra, arr. Beecham
B & H
Koanga, opera in 3 actsB & H3
Late Lark, A, for tenor and orchestraB & H15b
Late Swallows, from string quartet
(arr. Fenby for string orchestra)
S & B
Légende, for violin and orchestra
ditto, for violin and piano
B & H
31a (B&H)
Life’s Dance, for orchestraOUP24a (S&B)
Lullaby for a modern baby, for violin and pianoB & H33
Magic Fountain, The, opera in 3 ActsB & H2
March of Spring, The, 
(= North Country Sketches, 4)
Marche Caprice, for orchestraS & B21a
Margot la Rouge, opera in 1 actB & H5
Mass of Life, A, for soloists, double
chorus and orchestra
B & H10
Maud, 5 songs for tenor and orchestraB & H16
Mazurka and Waltz for a little
girl (= Five Piano Pieces, 1,2)
Midsummer Song, unacc. chorusB & H17
NietzscheliederB & H18b
North Country Sketches, for orchestra
(Autumn; Winter Landscape; Dance; 
The March of Spring)
S & B26
Norwegian Suite, for orchestra
(see Folkeraadet)
B & H7
On Craig Ddu, unacc. chorusB & H17
On hearing the first Cuckoo in Spring
(= Two pieces for small orchestra, 1)
On the Mountains, for orchestraB & H22
Over the hills and far away, for orchestraSchirmer23a
Paa Vidderne, melodramaB & H14
Paris, for orchestraUE23b
Part Songs, Six Early
(Durch den Wald; An den Sonnenschein; Ave Maria; 
Sonnenscheinlied; Frühlingsanbruch; 
Her ute skal gildet staa)
Thames17 Supplement
Poem of Life and LoveB & HSuppl. Vol. 1
Prelude & Idyll (see Idyll)
Quadroone, La, for orchestraB & H21c
Requiem, for soprano, baritone, double chorus and orchestraB & H12b
Romance, for cello and pianoB & H31c
Romance, for violin and pianoB & H31a
Sakuntala, for tenor and orchestraB & H15b
Scherzo, for orchestraB & H21c
Sea Drift, for baritone, chorus and orchestraB & H9b
Serenade from Hassan (Various arrangements)B & H
Sleigh Ride, for orchestraB & H21b
Sonata for cello and pianoB & H31c
Sonata for strings
(arr. by Fenby from String Quartet)
S & B
Sonata in B, for violin and pianoB & H31a
Sonata no. 1, for violin and pianoForsyth31b
Sonata no. 2, for violin and pianoB & H31b
Sonata no. 3, for violin and pianoB & H31b
Song before Sunrise, A, for orchestraS & B27a
Song of Summer, A, for orchestraB & H27b
Song of the High Hills, The, for chorus and orchestraUE11b
Songs for children, Two
(Little Birdie; The Streamlet’s slumber song)
Songs from the Danish (Five)
(The Violet; The Seraglio Garden; Silken Shoes; Autumn; Irmelin)
B & H18b
Songs from the Danish (Five)
(The Page sat in the lofty Tower; Dreamy Nights; On the Sea Shore; Through long, long years; Wine Roses)
S & B18a
Songs from the Norwegian (Five)
(Slumber Song; The Nightingale; Summer Eve; Longing; Sunset)
S & B18a
Songs from the Norwegian (Seven)
(Twilight Fancies; Young Venevil; Hidden Love; The Minstrel; The Bird’s Story; Cradle Song; The Homeward Way)
Songs of Farewell, for chorus and orchestraB & H13a
Songs of Sunset, for soprano, baritone, chorus and orchestraUE11a
Songs (Shelley) (Three)
(Indian Love Song; Love’s Philosophy; To the Queen of my Heart;)
Songs (Verlaine) (Three)
(Il pleure dans mon coeur; Le ciel est, par-dessus le toit; La Lune blanche)
Songs (various) (Five)
(Let Springtime come; The Nightingale; I-Brasil; Black Roses; Chanson d’Automme)
Songs with Orchestra, I
(Twilight Fancies; The Bird’s Story; On the Sea Shore; Wine Roses; Through long, long years; Let Springtime come; Summer Landscape)
S & B15a
Songs with Orchestra, II
(Silken Shoes; Irmelin; The Seraglio Gardens; The Violet; Cynara; A Late Lark; Sakuntala)
B & H15b
Spring Morning, for orchestraB & H21b
String QuartetS & B32
Suite for violin and orchestraB & H28
Summer Evening, for orchestraS & B21a
Summer Landscape, songOUP19
Summer Night on the River (= Two pieces for small 
orchestra, 2)
Sunset (= Florida Suite, 4)
The Splendour falls, unacc. chorusOUP17(B&H)
Three Preludes for pianoOUP33(B&H)
Toccata (= Five Piano Pieces, 5)
Twelve early songs
(Over the Mountains high; Zwei braune Augen; Der Fichtenbaum; Hochgebirgsleben; O schneller mein Ross; Chanson de Fortunio; Mit deinen blauen Augen; Ein schöner Stern; Hör ich das Liedchen klingen; Aus deinen Augen fliessen meine Lieder; Nuages; Traum Rosen)
S & B18a
Two pieces for small orchestra
(On hearing the first Cuckoo in Spring;
Summer Night on the River)
OUP27a (S & B)
Two Songs to be sung of a summer night on the water, unacc. chorus (wordless)B & H17
Village Romeo and Juliet, A, opera in six scenesB & H4
Walk to the Paradise Garden, The, for orchestra arr. BeechamB & H
Waltz from A Village Romeo and Juliet, arr. DouglasB & H
Waltz (= Five Piano Pieces, 3)
Wanderer’s Song, men’s voicesB & H17
Winter Landscape 
(= North Country Sketches, 2)

Zum Carnival, polka for piano
B & H33

B & H = Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers Limited
S & B = Stainer & Bell Ltd
OUP = Oxford University Press
UE = Universal Edition
Forsyth = Forsyth Brothers Limited, Manchester
Schirmer = G Schirmer Inc. (Music Sales)
Thames = Thames Publishing (distr. Wm. Elkin)

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